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Important notice

Dear Customers,

We sincerely apologise for the unexpected problems with your services. For those out of the area, I wish to note that yesterday was a public holiday in our area.

Yesterday our legal counsel has attempted to negotiate a solution with the legal counsel of AAPT Limited (our wholesaler). I do not believe that I exaggarate if I state that it has been the worse both our legal counsel and I have experienced. We basically had the run around all day.

Sadly it is not possible to make that the other party acts appropriate, considered and fair, or applies a duty of care.

As a result we have decided to further NOT persue a reinstatement of our services. We have come to the conclusion that this would not be in your interest. Consequently we have decided to terminate all our Internet and voice contracts with immediate effect.

A letter will be forwarded to you over the weekend that will expain the current situation and how we propose to move on in regards to credits, the equipment etc.

We have currently no services at the office either which means that we cannot take calls or help you otherwise.

As a final note, I wish to add that the current problems arose from us attempting to maintain the quality of service thru the regulatory authority. Because of their inaction, our wholesaler felt strengthend in its behaviour to deprive our business and our customers from a service.

I wish express again that our staff and I are saddend by these developments; we considered we had a great bunch of customers to be proud of. We strongly encourage you to follow and monitor our further attempts to get justice for you and our business.



Especially for small businesses in NBN-enabled fibre areas, we have designed a new service which combines many of their Telecom requirements into one solution.

For the web and mail hosting services onsite, we included a STATIC IP number with customized reverse DNS record.

The new service delivers a SEPARATE wireless guest network with Internet access for waiting customers. This gesture without a doubt would be appreciated by your customers.

If you combine the Small Business NBN Fibre Service with a Business Voice Service, you will receive one cordless handset free of charge to use. It is just not any handset; you can use it to read your e-mail or listen to Internet Radio.

A maximum of six handsets can be used on one Small Business NBN Fibre Service. Extra cordless handsets are available for A$ 5.00 per month each and each handset can have its own number.

The Business Voice Service is multiple line capable, in other words you can receive or make as many calls as you have handsets. Up to five answering machines can be configured to improve reachability.

Did we mention that the router operates as a Network Attached Storage and Media Server when you connect an external USB drive to it?

For further details, check out our Small Business NBN Fibre and Business Voice services.


It never has been a better time to sign-up for a Residential NBN Fibre or a Residential NBN Fixed Wireless service!

If you are living in a NBN-enabled area and are prepared to sign-up on a 12 or 6 month contract, we will give you the first 4 or 2 months for half price. Other conditions apply, please check our promotion page.

This unique offer still provides you with 1 hour ON-SITE installation and support.
When our engineer leaves, you can start enjoying the Internet experience on the NBN.

But there are heaps more fantastic features to our plans:

  • Healthy mix of plans with a wide variety of speeds, suitable for both the low and high volume usage customer;
  • Upload data usage is NOT calculated in your data allowance;
  • HIGH shaping speeds and NO excess bills;
  • We do NOT oversell our bandwidth and we do NOT shape certain traffic types;
  • NO overseas call centre for sales, accounts and technical support;
  • We are a Queensland regional based company in existence already well over 12 years;
  • Avoid frustration and sign-up with an ISP with NO TIO-complaints on record;

We do NOT give or sell you a cheap modem which limits your experience on the NBN. Instead we provide you free of charge with a multi-award winning German produced router which has to be returned after disconnection of the service.

Residential Services

Our Residential ADSL Value Services start at a comfortable A$ 44.95 a month. We are so confident in our services that we do not lock you into long term contracts. Even better, we only include incoming external Internet data traffic in your account, so free peering traffic, upload traffic and traffic catched by our proxy server is not included in your usage.

All Residential ADSL Services have the possibility of a business grade Residential Voice Service.

Scared loosing your precious baby photo's of your child or grandchild. Or any other data which is important to you? Why not try our Online Backup Service? You can have a free 1 month trail without any obligation to buy. You don't even have to be a Internet connection with us. If you have, it helps, as your backup traffic towards our storage server is not included in your data usage. How good is that?

Small Business Services

The corner stone of all our Small Business Services are our managed business ADSL Access Services. This service is a combined package of a reliable Business grade ADSL connection, a high quality security Cisco router and 24/7 monitoring and logging service. This peace of mind solution is maintained by us on a constant base, with new software and configuration files. This service is rare and unique but highly necessary if security, connectivity and reliability is important to you.

With the help of our managed business ADSL Access solution, we can deliver other managed and unmanged solutions like remote support, secure and mobile VPN access, Unified Communication (VOIP), anti virus/spam solutions, and a Online Backup Service. All these solutions are designed to make that you and your staff can concentrate on what is important: your core business.